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Winter weather is upon us

  • Please drive safe & watch out for others. (if viewing this on webpage runner, see below for clickable links) Tips/info:  WI Safe Winter Driving (cars on ice ad :); Ready for Winter StormsSnowplow Safety-WI DOT or Google: Wisconsin safe driving tips  

    Winter Weather Storm Damage Tips

    The Office of the Commissioner of Insurance (OCI) recently shared some tips to help Wisconsinites stay safe and help protect against costly damage due to extreme winter weather.

    Home and Office

    Protect yourself and your property:

    • Set your furnace to a sufficient heat level to keep pipes warm.
    • Open cupboard doors so heat can reach pipes.
    • If your pipes burst, turn off the main water shut-off or the valve to the frozen pipe.
    • Dry the area to prevent potential mold problems.
    • Remove snow from the bottom portion of your roof using a “roof rake” or push broom. (Do not climb on the roof or chip ice away, which may cause damage to shingles and pose the risk of a fall.)
    • Keep the attic well ventilated and insulated from the rest of the house to minimize the amount of heat rising to the roof.
    • Check your homeowner’s policy or talk to your agent to be sure you have adequate coverage and for information regarding any specific endorsements or riders.


    Protect yourself and your automobile:

    • Maintain a safe distance between your car and the car in front of you. Use care and drive slowly – if conditions are dangerous, consider waiting before getting on the road.
    • Never drink and drive.
    • Keep an emergency road kit, warm clothes, blankets, and a fully charged cellphone in your vehicle.
    • Find out the latest road conditions by going to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation website at, by calling 511, or by checking the 511 smartphone app.
    • Review your auto insurance policy for any limitations in coverage and make sure your coverage is adequate for your needs.